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Hair Extensions Care By Kaliopi  

When can I wash my Hair Extensions after installing them to my natural hair?

You can start washing your Hair Extensions after 24 hours of the installation time.

Why do i need waiting 24 hours to wash my hair after installing my Hair Extensions?

The reason is to give the bonds time to set and seal better. It also helps a lot with slippage as there is no chance of moisture getting in between the bonds whether it be tape, keratin (fusion), or beads (i-tip).

How often should I wash my Hair Extensions?


Try not to wash the extensions more than every 3-4 days, it is not recommended more than that anyways.

But if you are the type of person who feels it is necessary to wash your hair everyday, please shampoo the top of your head close to your roots only and try to avoid the Extensions.

 (but in general it is not recommended to wash your hair everyday!!!)​

How to wash my Hair Extensions?

Brush your hair in dry condition with an Extensions brush before entering the shower.

 This will prevent the Extensions from matting and tangling, and spreads nourishing oil throughout the Extensions.

Use good quality hair shampoo and gently clean the scalp with the pads of your fingers. (do not scrub, as this will cause matting and breakage). For longer Extensions, it is the best to wash your hair in the shower, tipping your head backwards, the downward stream of water from the shower head will help rinse your hair clean from root to tip without you having to manipulate the strands too much. Avoid flipping your hair back and forth too much, it is reducing stress on the easily-loosened hair at your nape. 

It is highly recommended to use a conditioner treatment and let it set on the ends for 5 minutes, during waiting time brush your extensions from ends to top but never apply conditioner or any type of treatments/oils to your roots /bonds.

(bonds are 100% pure Italian Keratin, by applying treatments on them they might start shedding, loosen and/or come off).

How do I style my Hair Extensions myself?

The best way of styling your Hair Extensions is to dry them very well. Hair Extensions are more manageable to be styled when they are completely dry, plus you avoid breakage of your own natural hair. When Hair Extensions or natural hair are wet the hair gets elastic, and by brushing them wet it can cause breakage. It depends on elasticity level/measure that the hair has in stretching (low or high). After drying them very well, apply a thermal heat protection on your Hair Extensions and  brush your hair in each sections you part before you use carefully a curly iron or a flat iron, to give the hair the look you desire! 

(Be careful!!! do not apply flat iron or excessive heat to the bonds itself)

What is Hair Elasticity?

The hair's elasticity is the measure of how much the hair will stretch and return to a normal state. Healthy hair, when wet, will stretch up to 50% of its original length and return to its normal shape without breaking, while dry hair will only stretch about 20%. Even if you don’t have extensions, it is good to brush your hair when its dry or brush it at your washing time while conditioner is set on your hair.

How to sleep with Hair Extensions?

We recommend never to sleep on wet hair extensions. Make sure the hair and bonds are dry before bedtime to avoid matting at the roots area. There are a few different styles (one braid, two braids, high ponytail, low ponytail) you can use for when sleeping with extensions to keep them well protected. The style you choose will depend on the length of your hair extensions, and how you plan to wear your hair extensions the following day.

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