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Why Hair Extensions?



Are you trying to grow your hair out for a while, and it gets to your shoulders and just stops?
"I have VERY THIN HAIR, and it can’t get past my shoulders either. And once it does it just looks scraggly because it’s so thin."

Hair Extensions are for those who cannot achieve long locks on their own, or are tired of growing out their hair!


Is your hair long but still looks thin at the ends? Want to stop having thin ends?

Do your ponytails look limp and lifeless? Can you see more and more the back of your shirt through your hair? Do you have bold spots and feel uncomfortable? 

 If these statements describe your hair in any ways 

adding Hair Extensions will give you the volume you desire, covering of thinning areas and even bold spots!

Make every day a perfect hair day by visiting our private suite located 

in the heart of Manhattan.



Before & After

"Experience our excellent services by booking your appointment now

and have your non-damaging extensions method installed same day!"


Where To Find Us
Please notice!
Due to Covid -19 temporarily all our services will be operating at our Queens location. We kindly refer our clients to visit us at our Queens Location.
27-24 Hoyt Ave. South NY, 11102
For more info: +1 917 500 9230
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Luxury PR Hair Extensions Suite

1345 6th Ave. A/B Building

FL 2nd, Ste 111
Manhattan, NY 10105

Contact Info:  +1 917 500 9230

What Clients Say About Us
“I love the look and feel of the extensions and have always gotten compliments on how great my hair looks! ” 

Ajini C.

“I am extremely lucky to have found this place. I went in for fusion keratin hair extensions  today and came out with results much better than I ever imagined.” 

Amy H.

“Highest quality hair” 

Ashley M.